Friday, October 23, 2009

You got questions???????

Alright, I haven't been regularly updating this week, I'll explain later.... But here's what I wanna do-

If you have any questions about training, fitness, nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, what good movies I've seen lately, what book I'm currently reading, etc.- honestly though, any questions at all- I want you to ask them on my comment section below. I will then take the time to answer each question as best I can individually.

People typically pay me pretty darn good money to help answer questions regarding training and fitness, so I urge you to take a minute and think of anything that may be on your mind and ask.

Like my second grade teacher told me back in the day- the only dumb questions are the one's not asked?

OK, give it to me peeps!


Monday, October 19, 2009

What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

One of the most common questions I get is…
“What Is The Best Time of Day To Exercise?”
(And the answer is not what you think!)

Clint Howard and Michael Watkins
Fitness Together located at 97th and Riverside

Dear Fitness Friend,

Some people swear it’s the early morning – they like to get their “personal victory” first thing, and then go on about their day.

Then there are those who prefer the evening, after the work day is done.

But there are problems with both of these times that you should know about so you can build exercise into your day in a way that’s effective, consistent and lasting for you.

Morning exercise problems: Your core body temperature is lowest right before you wake up, making morning a time of naturally lower energy because of diminished blood flow. On top of that, cold and stiff muscles are more prone to injury. (Does your back sometimes feel tight in the morning?)

But the biggest problem with morning workouts may be the psychological one – getting motivated. Lots of folks, maybe including you, are just not “morning people.”

Do you burn more fat by exercising in the morning before you eat? In general terms, the answer is no, you don’t. This is basically a myth. Exercising on an empty stomach causes your body to utilize protein as an energy source. Protein = muscle. And muscle is good because it burns calories at a high rate (increasing your metabolism). You want to build and preserve lean muscle, not burn it off by exercising on an empty stomach.

If you’re not a huge fan of exercise, but do it (or plan to do it ) because you know you must in order to get and stay healthy and fit, lose fat and excess weight, eliminate stress, and get that lean, toned, attractive look you want, then I suggest avoiding early morning exercise.

Evening exercise problems: There’s really only one problem with working out in the evening, but it’s potentially a BIG problem…

…you’ve just put in a full day of work, your energy is depleted, you’re probably hungry and ready for dinner…and all these things combine to sabotage even the best exercise intentions because you just don’t feel like working out.

The statistics support the fact that your emotions play a huge role in your ability to start an exercise regimen…and stay on it. And without starting and sticking to a consistent program, there’s no way to get the results you want. It’s just that simple.

What about night time exercise? Don’t do it, particularly if you have to get up early in the morning. Exercising at night stimulates the body by elevating core temperature and heart rate, and makes it harder to fall asleep until hours afterwards.

My recommendation: The optimum time for you, particularly if you’re just starting out and want to give yourself the greatest chance for success, is to schedule your workouts between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Your body is warm and loose, your energy level is high and your physiology is primed to give your optimum performance and optimum midday.

If you like to eat an early lunch (11-12), then schedule your workout sometime between 2-4 p.m. If you eat a mid-morning healthy snack (as you should), then schedule your workout sometime between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and eat lunch afterwards.

An Ethical “Bribe” To Help You Get Started

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The ethical “bribe”: We’re in the business of giving you your body back…of making you look and feel like a million bucks…of getting you healthy and fit so you can really LIVE life to its fullest…of eliminating mind-numbing and health-sabotaging stress…of making you proud and confident of your appearance in your clothes, bathing suit or birthday suit…and we’re very good at it (again, see the comments and testimonials for proof).

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Are you our next Client Success Story?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There are NO short cuts in this game.

Why You Can’t ‘Spot Reduce’ Fat

People have problem areas. Even people, who have achieved their ideal body weight, will still have problem areas. It could be the love handles, the flabby arms, the sagging skin or the hips. Consequently, this will lead you to find all sorts of products including creams, pills and applications to get rid of the fats to gadgets and machines to tone the arms, thighs and abs all in one!

However, there is one reality check you have to make. You cannot spot reduce. Any attempt to do so is not going to work, here’s why.

Why Can’t I Spot Reduce?

The market misinforms the public of the benefits that can be expected from their so-called revolutionary products when in fact there really are no revolutionary results to look forward to.

1. Healthy Diet Is Important
Diet is an important element to get rid of the undesirable body fat. The foods that you eat have calories that get stored in your body, probably amassing on those problem areas of yours. The diet is the main culprit for presence of fat.So no matter how much you depend on those gadgets in the market; it will remain defenseless if you keep indulging in sweets and fatty foods.

To start, begin spacing out smaller portioned meals roughly 3 hours apart throughout the day. This will create a fat burning furnace and you will begin burning rather than storing those extra calories in your fatty, problematic areas. You still want to focus on healthy balanced meals. Utilizing healthy, natural meal replacement shakes and bars can supplement your diet for those quick meals on the go. These help take away the excuse to eat badly of “I just didn’t have enough time to prepare…” That’s just laziness and it will not get you anywhere but a direct trip back to where you started. If you’re serious about getting in shape, start by addressing your diet and getting help form a qualified nutrition expert if needed.

2. Spot Reduction Is a Mere Myth
It is not healthy to believe what those people say about the productivity of spot reduction efforts. The products you see on the market require nothing but merely attach or apply them on the problem areas. What about your other body parts? What about the other requirements of the body?

In any healthy endeavor, you must be on the top of your physiology. You should know what it takes to achieve a goal. For example, if you want six-packs in your stomach, you have to know what it takes to get them.

Some people out there would claim that if you want to improve the look of your stomach, you simply have to concentrate on abdominal exercises or use the gadgets that will do the exercise for you. Again, you cannot spot reduce. You cannot achieve the goal with simply doing that one abdominal exercise or even worse by utilizing a tool that was three easy payments of $29.99 from some infomercial; that when used for three minutes for three days per week will yield mind-boggling, shredded sexy abs of steel!

(NOTE: anything that does the work for you and only takes nine minutes per week is a complete farce and is selling you false hope- DON’T FALL FOR IT!)

The fat can not just come off on its own by just using a gadget. Genetics has to do with it. Diet has to do with it. Lifestyle has to do with it. Period.

The truth is, before you can even aim for the six-packs on the stomach, you will have to take away the fat first.

So doing 500 crunches a day will only exhaust you and you still will not get your desired results. Only actual workouts focusing on full body, compound movements can address this. In these workouts, calories are burned one at a time, and not just in one area. This creates a more integrated system of reducing the fat in the body.

Furthermore, these types of workouts will also aid in gaining body mass, or muscle mass- which itself is more metabolically active than fat mass. (HINT: muscle burns more calories than fat and takes up less space in the body).

At this point, if you are following a healthy diet as well as performing calorie burning cardiovascular workouts too- you will in fact begin seeing those abs peek out regardless of how many or few crunches you do on a daily basis.

Only after surpassing the diet and cardio requirements should you focus on the abdominal exercises. This is the only proper time to really focus on working out for those sexy six-pack abs. Anything prior will not yield the ideal results, and will result in discouragement and eventual abandonment of your fitness program. Again, taking you no where but back to where you started.

3. There Are No Shortcuts
Miracle diets, pills and potions are mere shortcuts that will lead you to a dead end. If a healthy body is aimed, you have to work for it. You have to earn it.

We truly are living in a fast world with the advancement of technology, but your body still is very much natural. Thus you will still have to be grounded to what is naturally required by the body, healthy diet, regular exercise and considerable amount of time to develop that desirable state.

The supplement industry is a billion dollar industry and would rather spend its money on advertisements filled with steroid abusing body builders and models than focus on the research behind their products, so be wary. The FDA does not regulate what these companies market is in their products so what you may be ingesting may not be what is written on the label.

Your best bet to avoid any complications is simply stay natural, focus on whole foods and natural meal replacements, workout hard and rest hard. Don’t look for the quick fix, because believe me, there is none!

4. Health and Fitness Require Commitment
Your dedication to the health of your body is a lifelong commitment. Even if you achieved a good body now, it will not remain so forever if you abuse your diet and lifestyle. It needs to be loved and taken care of, regularly. Think of it this way- when you’re 65 or 70 years old do you want to feel like you’re 90 or 50 years old?

In other words, fitness doesn’t stop when you meet your initial goal of losing 10 lbs. or whatever. No, in fact, once you’ve met your initial goal, it’s time to update and make a new goal. This is an ever evolving process and will always give you something to work for so you continue to not only look better and live healthier, but also dramatically increase your quality of life for the long haul.

In Closing…Do It the Proper Way

With all these points raised, the bottom line is to simply get healthy the proper way. The saying still holds true. No pain, no gain. So do not be a victim of the misleading information and empty promises thrown upon you. Simply know the proper options. Take the matter into your own hands and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body.

Monday, October 12, 2009

It all starts on Monday.

Ok, so here's what Monday has brought me...
The start of a new week first of all. Mikah and I finally used our season tickets to the OU game on Saturday and watched a very boring first half of football and then just gave up and went to Texadelphia in Norman to catch up with some old friends... (I used to work there in college!). Anyway, heading back to T-town after the game and fell asleep early on the couch... we're like old people at my house on the weekends!
Got up Sunday, went the 11:00 a.m. showing of Couple's Retreat (another old person thing to do) but it was pretty funny nonetheless, ran errands, went by FT, and went home to catch up on some football. Pretty good little Sunday- finished it by watching the depressing movie of "Marley and Me" (which if you have a heart at all, you'll tear up no matter what you're testosterone levels). OK... now on to Monday...

Good morning Boot Camps in the misty outdoors. Found out OU's top receiver may play against Texas on Saturday... BOOMER! But above all, at the end of Monday- we'll only have 3 days until we're off to Vegas Baby!!!!!! Looking forward to a few days in the desert sun people.

Now for the workout update:
1. BB Military press: warm up sets; then 5 reps @ 75% 1RM, 5 reps @ 80% 1RM, finisthed with failure on reps @ 85% 1 RM
2. Parallel bar dips: 100 total dip w/ body weight only- NOT GONNA LIE, THAT HURT!
3a. Seated wide grip cable rows: 5 x 15-20 reps
3b. Heavy Resistance band/standing face pulls (Upper Back): 5 x failure reps
4. Rope tricep pushdown: 5 x 20 reps--- really felt this one after all the dips!

Now, I'm back to work getting things finished/caught up before our journey this weekend.

I'll be on here over the next few days, but can't promise anything while in Vegas, so check me out on Facebook to stay updated- Ain't modern technology awesome!

Live happy. Lift strong.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

WOW Wednesday!!!

OK, I had an awesome training day yesterday. It was one of those rare days that you almost feel invincible and just blast it ya know? Check it out.

I hit the gym by myself around 11 a.m. Just FYI- I've recently switched to a strength building/mass building program for the next few months... meaning heavy weights, lower reps on core lifts and then a few accessory lifts per workout. So at the gym:
1. BB Deadlift: warm up then: all work sets at 5 reps (except last is 5+ reps, meaning I just did as many as I could): Loads = set 1: 65% 1 RM, set 2: 75% 1 RM, and set 3: 85% 1 RM
2. Leg curls: 5 x 10-20 reps
3. Leg press: 5 x 20 reps
4. Ab/core work
5. Foam roller and stretching

OK... It may look like a simple routine, but my ass was tired afterwards. Big lifts take a lot of energy to do right. So in my mind I was done for the day.

Well, I have a client/friend I train a few nights a week. Well, he called me about an hour before his session and was like "You lifting with me tonight?" I was like Hell no brudda- you have no idea what I put myself through earlier today...

Well, after calling me degrading names and telling me to man-up, he convinced me to train with him last night... So here I go, two sessions in 1 day! To be honest, I was pretty excited once we got going. Here's what workout #2 looked like last night:

1. 50 total pullups
2. 100 45 lb. Kettlebell swings- I finished these with no breaks!!!!
3. DB Kroc rows: 2 x10 reps, 1 x absolute failure reps
4a. DB pullovers on Stability Ball: 2 x 15 reps
4b. Band rows: 2 x failure
5. DB hammer rows: 3 x 5 reps/arm
6a. Rev BB buddy curls: worked up to 10 reps per person
6b. BB buddy curls: worked back down starting at 10 reps down to 1 rep per person.

It was fun to say the least. I definitely had to dig deep on a few lifts, but I got that "I can tell I worked out feeling" last night and this morning and it feels good.

Live Happy. Train like a beast.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Easy to do Diet Tips...

Here are a few things that will help with any struggling nutrition plan. Remember, you cannot, I repeat... CANNOT, out train a poor diet! The following are just a few tips to help you through the day.

1. Shake things up: start your day with a smoothie made from your favorite fruit, apple juice, and a little protein powder. This is a healthy, low calorie way to jump start your metabolism.

2. Mini meals rock: eat small meals every 3 to 4 hours to prevent feeling famished and overeating. By continuously fueling your furnace throughout the day, you'll also keep your metabolism revved up.

3. Have a power lunch: eat your largest meal during the day when you are burning the most calories.

4. Prime examples: pack in protein (fish, skinless poultry, lean meats, etc) in every meal- it helps you feel fuller longer by stabilizing your blood sugar.

5. Carbs are NOT the enemy: refined sugar and white flour are villains because they add no nutritional value to your food. Embrace healthy carbs (things made from whole grains), nuts and fruits.


6. The "F" word: think fiber first when consuming said carbs. Eating between 25-35 grams daily will help you feel full longer. Good sources include apples, raspberries, and oatmeal.

Ok, I'm sure you've heard at least a portion of the above before. If you want additional help in structuring a proper nutrition program based around your training program, be sure to give me a shout and we'll get started immediately on putting something together for you!

You can contact me at 918.392.0540 daily, or via email at

I hope you can take away at least one good habit from this. Talk soon.

Live happy.


(Fitness Tips taken from July/August issue of Bride's Magazine.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday's shoulder/tricep blast!!!

Monday evening: didn't have time to get a workout in all day, so between a couple of evening sessions, I grabbed a training room and did some progressive sets on shoulders and triceps.
Set 1: BB military press: 10
set 2: BB military press (10), DB lateral raises (10)
set 3: BB military press (10), DB Lateral raises (10), rear delt flies (12)
set 4: BB military Press (10), DB lateral raises (10), rear delt flies (12), DB front raises (10)
set 5: BB military press (10), DB lateral raises (10), rear delt flies (12), Db front raises (10), Smith shrugs (12)
Set 6 BB military press (10), DB lateral raises (10), rear delt flies (12), DB front raises (10), Smith shrugs (12), BB military press strip sets to failure

Shoulder finisher: 2 sets of seated Plate front raises: 10, Seated DB lateral raises: 10, Seated DB "power cleans" and press: 10


set 1: smith reverse band close grip press (10)
set 2: set 1 + V-bar pushdowns: (15)
set3: set 2 + rope overhead extensions (10)

Then one set of tricep death: close grip press: 5 reps w/ one board, 5 reps with 2 boards, 5 reps w/ 3 boards... as you add each board it takes your chest out of the press and your triceps get annihilated as a result! (First time to try it though, will use more weight next time on the finisher!)

Live Happy.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

past week's workouts

Started Tuesday with my Upper body max effort day:
Worked out with two of my staff members and we really hit it hard my friends!

Rev band bench: worked up to 3 rep max, then tried a single rep max around 405 lbs
BB floor press: worked again up to 3 sets x 5 reps
Parallel bar dip: 2 sets x 2-3 reps just shy of failure
Wide grip lat pulldown: 4 x 8-12 pyramiding the weight each set
Rope J-pulldowns: 3 x 8-12 superset with Band face pulls: 3 x failure
BB rows: 3 sets with the last seeing being 2 drop sets

Trap bar deadlift: worked up to 3-5 reps max: about 450 lbs. on the bar
Bulgarian split squat: 10-12 reps per leg holding 50 lb. DB's superset with 45 degree hyperextensions: 3 total sets
Rev. step lunges off box: 3 sets x 20 reps superset with KB swings: roughly 20-25 reps

later that day I did some KB complexes: snatch, press, clean and press then switch arms- used a ladder rep scheme here as well increased weight each set

Friday: Upper body rep day
worked out with a good buddy and we blasted it

Bench press: 4 sets x max reps @ 60% 1RM: last set was double drop set
Close grip board press: 3 sets x max reps
Chin Ups superset with seated DB power clean and press: 3 sets x 8-12 reps
Triset of the following:
smith machine shrugs: 15-20 reps (last set = drop set)
DB curls: 8-10 reps per arm
Rope Extension: 20-25 reps
Finisher: DB curls :ran the rack- started at 60 lb. DB's, curled to failure than did 50's, than 40's... down to 20's

Great week of training. I need to add in some more sprints, sled and tire work and maybe another day of KB training and it'll be complete.

Keep a look out for some new things I got going on... some great surprised on the way brudda!

Live Happy.