Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Client: ME...

Ok, so to change a few things up in my current fitness routine, I asked one of our fitness coaches here at FT, Mike D, to start training me a couple of times every week. Like most of my clients, I was starting to get stuck in a rut and wasn't finding amble time to be as consistent with my workouts as I was say a month ago. I knew that if I could just schedule them and have someone hold me accountable, then the problem would be solved... I mean, I never have an issue making a session with my training buddy, but it seems like I was able to stay overwhelmingly busy when it was "on my own" days.. which is exactly what I tell clients to not do! I had to remind myself: QUIT MAKING EXCUSES AND GET YOUR A$$ IN THE GYM!

So... I spoke with Mike D about my goals, current injuries, and how many sessions per week.... he took it from there.

And, to put it in Mike's words, "I'm livin' the American dream...." which was in exact reference to having this opportunity to throttle his boss!

Mikey killed me! It was exactly what I needed and was looking for in a workout. I felt like I was starting all over, but when I was done, and as I laid there in the floor, I was like "Damn, now that was a good workout!"

I'll keep tabs for future workouts with Mike as well as progress stats so you can see just how our guys here GET RESULTS!

Sometimes, it takes a little humility to get where you want to go. Pride only gets in the way sometimes, as I found out yesterday. If you need help, much like me (trainer) getting help/trained by another trainer, then my advice, seek it out. Don't let your foolish pride stop you from doing all you can to attain whatever goals you want to. Your turn.


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