Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is your last chance workout?

Do you watch the Biggest Loser?

Now, let me preface by saying I don't totally agree with everything portrayed on that show, but the life-changing transformations are impressive nonetheless. One of the highlights of the show for me is the of a Last Chance Workout. I love seeing peopled being pushed to their limits and beyond. But after seeing this over and again on every episode, I must admit that this workout has really started to wear out in significance but not importance in my opinion.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, the last chance workout is the workout performed the day of or just before the weigh in. This is the last chance participants have to burn every last calorie and ensure that the players have nothing left and are going to weigh as little as possible at the weigh in.

I have no idea how long the last chance workout is but it's the idea that is important. My buddy was telling me last night that he is really just going through the motions at the gym lately and is kind of discouraged with his overall progress. And it's true, we start working out really hard and then over time we become more fit and stop pushing ourselves so hard. This is a great reason why plateaus happen in weight loss as well as strength training.

The reason I bring this up is to try and motivate you to push harder. Think about you last few workouts at the gym. Where you on the verge of throwing up? Did you push yourself so hard that you had trouble showering and moving your arms and legs? Did you workout so hard that you were in tears in pain as you got into the car?

Well I know that this is very extreme. Nearly no one relishes pushing themselves that hard (not even me), but the thing to remember is how hard you worked out when you started your getting in shape journey.

So why not today when you go to workout do a last chance workout. Push yourself harder and longer than ever before. Once you get a tasted of a crazy hard workout you will realize just how far you have come, you will be doing a personal best and that is something that will bring you so much pride that you will want to do it again soon.

With the "NEW" year wearing off, almost half way through February- your motivation may begin to slip... Just remember why you started training in the first place. To be healthy, fit and improve your quality of life. Stay the course and you will succeed.

Finally, FIND YOUR MOTIVATION! Personally, I love movies. And nothing beats a sport movie in my book. I love the stories, trials, camaraderie, and motivation and will to succeed that is portrayed in these movies. The following clip is one that really gets my engine going and after watching I can't wait to hit the gym.

This one is of Mr. Rocky himself training for his next movie at age 62... tell me your too old to be in shape!

This clip is AWESOME regarding how life's a game of inches. Just like in fitness, everything you do will add up and will either aid you in your quest for a better life or derail you. You decide.

NOTE: the following clip does have some choice words- not too bad, but just FYI.

Train Harder.


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